YOSHIKO DEHN M.A. Karlstrasse 19 78166 Donaueschingen Telefon +49-771-929 45 45 Telefax +49-771-929 45 46 email :  yoshiko@dehn.com Background: Graduation from "Tokyo University of Foreign Studies" (Anglo-American Department) Resident of Germany since 1972 Graduated from the University of Constance (Anglistics and sociology) in 1978. Sworn as an official interpreter and translator of the Japanese language in the County Court of Constance in 1980 My work as an independent interpreter and translator has been primarily in technical and scientific fields Competence: Interpreting and translation in technology and science Patent translation Japanese <> German, Japanese <> English Interpreting for technical trainings, machine acceptance procedures, workshops (e.g. Kaizen-related topics) as well as internal/external audits Whispering intrepreting for meetings, conferences, trainings and workshops etc. (simultaneous) Supporting long-term projects for technology transfer, technical release procedures etc. Years of vocational experience afford rapid familiarization in new associations and special fields Business coordination